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Frequently Asked Questions

Hey there! Have questions? We’ve got answers!
Dive into our FAQs below to learn more about how HeyCast can make your casting and talent management process a breeze for film and TV projects.

What exactly is HeyCast?

HeyCast is a cloud-based SaaS platform that streamlines talent registration, scheduling & notifications, on-set administration, and payroll to enable an optimal, paperless workflow between Casting Directors, Talent Agencies and Artists working on Film & Television productions.

How do I get started?

We are so chuffed that you are keen to partner with HeyCast to manage your casting process! To create an Account with HeyCast, just head to our website and select the SIGN UP button to create your very own account!

How secure is HeyCast

We take security very seriously around here.

We make sure your data is protected by robust, best practise security systems. All user data is securely backed-up daily in HeyCast’s encrypted database. Our servers are hosted in a world class data centre that is protected by 24-hour surveillance. Our system is always up to date to ensure any potential threats or vulnerabilities are mitigated as soon as they are detected. We use SSL encryption to encrypt all traffic to and from the server and passwords are stored encrypted on our database, so not even our developers can see them.

Will HeyCast work on my mobile device?

You bet! HeyCast is cloud based, meaning you can log into your account from any device, anytime, anywhere!

We do not have any special hardware requirements and as a result, HeyCast will work with any hardware that is compatible with your device. We do recommend ensuring your device is always up to date to ensure optimal performance. 

Is there an iOS or Andriod App?

HeyCast was born in New Zealand (Kia Ora!) but is available for use anywhere in the world! If we don’t currently support something that your country needs, let us know at! Chances are, we can implement it very quickly so you can be up and running in no time!

What support does HeyCast provide?

HeyCast is proud as punch to provide free, unlimited support via email for all our customers. Our support team may be small, but they sure are mighty and spare no effort to respond to every query within 24 hours.

Why is HeyCast's support limited to online?

Operating our support online allows us to keep our costs as low as possible, meaning you keep more pennies in your pockets.

By focusing on online support channels, we can dedicate resources to nurture an innovative and ever-improving service while still providing you with awesome technical support.

A fantastic perk of online support is that it lets us provide you with a great experience! Through online support, we’re able to automatically gather technical info for research and troubleshooting purposes so we can answer your query quickly and accurately. It also allows us to link you to our online training resources so you can get the most out of HeyCast, and refer back to your support notes at anytime.

How much does HeyCast cost?

From your local TV Commercials to major Hollywood Blockbusters, HeyCast’s pricing is scalable to suit any project’s size.

For Casting Directors, our plans are all project-based, which in turn allows each individual project to manage its own seperate billing information. Our pricing scales, based on the number of Talent booked for your project – we call these bookings ‘Mandays’ in HeyCastland.

In essence – it it not based on shoot days or how many days out of the month you use, simply how many bookings you confirm in your schedule.

For Talent Agencies, your month subscription is based on how many talent you have in your database.

It is free to have a Talent User account with HeyCast.

Get in touch with us at for a free quote.

If you have a proposition for how our pricing plans could better reflect your project, feel free to reach out and share your feedback with us; we will be all ears!