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Full Features

Create Projects

Enter all your project details, create the roles you need to cast and share project briefs to Talent Agencies.

On Board Talent

First impressions matter! HeyCast provides a completely seamless and paperless onboarding process. Talent register themselves online – completing profile, qualifications and experience information –  from any device! No more outdated talent information and endless data entry!

Talent Database

Your custom registration portal allows you to easily view your project’s talent applications as well as connect to Agencies books so your talent database is all in one place, allowing you to source the most suitable talent at the click of a button.


Gone are the days where you have to obsessively scroll through hundreds of spreadsheets and emails. Input and manage your shooting schedule, and effortlessly track any changes to bookings with automated confirmation emails and integrated messaging. Instantly see the big picture and know exactly where things stand.

Talent Bookings

HeyCast allows you to easily book talent directly in your system, gifting you the fastest booking times in the industry. Our intelligent casting tools help you filter for the most suitable Talent based on role requirements – significantly reducing the time you spend scouting and planning. Talent can communicate their availability and confirm their booking details so everything is centralised and everyone is on the same page.

The system will even check for scheduling conflicts, saving you time from comparing multiple spreadsheets and emails to determine someone’s booking status.

Forms and Agreements

Automate your vast array of forms and documents by uploading them to your project and have them completed online. Sustainable, secure and easy to manage.


Our in built messenger system empowers you to provide consistent, fast communication. Deliver information instantly and reduce No-Shows by sending automated reminders and custom messages to remind Talent and Agents about bookings, confirm calltimes and notify them of any changes.

Emails and SMS can be sent directly from HeyCast and you can tailor your messaging templates to auto-populate your frequently sent messages, saving you a ton of time.

On Set Management

Tag Sheets will generate automatically from your booking, allowing you to send out call times and have talent sign in and wrap out all from your HeyCast portal. Bye, bye paperwork and hello to knowing your talent are onset and on-time!

Timesheet Generation

Timesheets are automatically calculated and generated in HeyCast, speeding up processing, while ensuring rigorous record keeping and eliminating handwritten paper timesheets! Create payroll exports to send on to your accounts team for error-free and easy payment!

Full Transparency

Casting Directors, Agents and Talent have full transparency of all bookings and the information they each need to know, eliminating all chances of key notifications like call times and locations being missed and reducing the chance of no shows!


We understand the importance of providing a secure, accurate and compliant casting solution. The advantage of HeyCast is that your data is located in one central and secure database that encompassess all aspects of your castings. No more messy data transfers or several different spreadsheets sprawled across the internet!

Budget Tracker (Coming Soon)

Ever wish there was an easier way to keep track of your budget? Access the intelligence you need to generate real-time reports with ease and keep your budget in check! HeyCast’s built in analytics and reports provide you with a range of budget metrics to help you make faster and better informed decisions in real time!

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